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Written By: on from tulsa, ok

We are so glad to hear that our favorite extended family is doing well. We left for Natchez with Karl Kromer for 2 weeks and now in Tulsa OK. Karl still in Natchez. Bev and I will be back when possible, may God bless all of you and keep your spirits up. We would love to hear from anyone. Love Bev and Eric

Written By: on from Chicago, IL

Amii and the Krewe at Le Richelieu, I just talked to Linda Francois and she is safe and in good spirits. She is in a cabin in a state park with her daughter Kelly in Fort Payne, Alabama. I gave her Tamra's phone no. from a posting here. Louis and Nadine

Written By: on from Santa Monica, CA

Brian and Troy, Heard that they were getting out of New Orleans, did they make it? Worried about friends, let us know... Dan & Randi

Written By: on from Chicago, IL

We would like to know if anyone has heard from Linda Francois that worked the front desk.I see that Herman,Lester,Bobby,Carrie Frank, Gwen and Tamra are ok. We are also worried about Mike, Troy, Bryan, Pam, Colleen and the entire Krewe. I had talked to Linda 2 days before the Hurrican hit and told her to call me after it was over to let me know that she was ok. I still haven't heard from her. If anyone needs help with anything let us know. Hugs to all of the Krewe, Louis & Nadine

Written By: on from Broussard, LA

After many phone calls and a lot of "investigative" work via the internet, I was able to pinpoint Lester's location. I'm happy to report that I just had a long telephone conversation with him! He and his son, James, and James' girlfriend are safe in an apartment complex in Austin. He says the apartment is nice, and he wants everyone to know he is doing okay, considering. He said that the night before the storm, they went to the high school. After the storm, they walked through waist-deep water for about a mile to the ferry and then boarded a Blackhawk and were taken to the airport. Then they boarded buses to the Austin Convention Center. They stayed there for 10 days, and then they were moved into the apartment. He says his son is not planning to return to the area. Lester does not yet know what the condition of his home may be, although he says he was up on a higher section than most. He did say, though, that the storm made him start smoking again :-( Debbie...I have a cell phone number for Lester. He'd like to get in touch with Frank. Do you or your dad have a contact number for him? You can email me @ saramcd@bellsouth.net. If anyone else would like that number, please feel free to email me, also. I'm sure he would like to hear from you all, because he was very concerned that the rest of the staff is safe...and he is especially asking about Colleen. He says there is not much to do all day except walk around and eat and watch TV, but he is doing well and sounded good. ~~Sara