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For all the friends of Le Richelieu wanting news about it, I will refer you to the Sat. September 3 issue of the Chicago Sun Times. In an article titled "Civility sprouts Among The The Chaos" there is a couple of paragraphs about the heroics of the staff there. The cooks, maids and security guards stayed behind, organizing foraging teams and guard duty. they even managed to keep the kitchen going serving hot food. Of course, to those of us who know and love Le Richelieu this kind of caring, attentive service comes as no surprise.

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We stayed at LeRichelieu last Sept for our anniversary and the year before that...had reservations for the first week of October this year as well....We were so looking forward being in New Orleans again and staying at our wonderful "hotel home". We are sad and heartbroken. We hope you are all safe. We are thinking of you and hope to see you again soon. Read about you in the Sun-Times (thank you to the gentleman who noted the article) Take Care till we meet again.

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We come from Belgium and were in New Orleans in July 2005 ( 2nd stay at your hotel ). We enjoyed our stay at the Richelieu and hope the hotel and all the staff are all right after the hurricane Katrina togive us the opportunity to come back very soon! We follow the news on CNN for 5 days and are with you in toughts.

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We are safe in Baton Rouge. We are with family. We are all worried about everyone else. Jo EDla,Herman, Micheal, Lynn, Jim, Bryan, And everyone elese to many to name please e-mail me at jam2jj@yahoo.com. Lvoe ya'll all Gwen and Family

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We stayed at Le Richelieu with our two boys in June of 2002. We never forgot the warmth and kindness of the staff who made our trip memorable. You are the heart of what New Orleans really is. Wonderful, amazing people. Our prayers and thoughts have been with you ever since we heard about Katrina. Kitty and Tony Prophet