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Written By: on from Greendale, IN

We have stayed at Le Richelieu 3 times in the last 12 months and always enjoyed our stays. We left the Sunday before Katrina hit. I hope all is well with all the employees and the hotel itself. Although we will have to cancel our October trip it appears I hope to see you again in April. David & Nancy

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Making contact after Katrina: Joanne Kirkpatrick is safe and very concerned about everyone else. She is on the road to a relative's home (this message sent via a friend). Co-workers and friends can reach her (temporarily) at e-mail; bakerne@lisd.net. She asked that I convey her prayers, caring and concern. I can't help including my own concern for all of you. Please know that the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are in the hearts and prayers of millions of people all over the world.

Written By: on from Santa Monica, California

Dear, Dear Friends, First of all let me say thank you to John & Ala Donabie for having the foresight to find the status of the "faces" of the hotel. We hope all the friendly employees of the hotel have remained safe and finding out about any makes us breathe a little easier. We had planned to visit in October again this year but that seems unlikely I suppose. We would like however to ask the reservation desk to keep the website up to date as to when you will be prepared to accept reservations. We want to come and visit you our friends as soon as possible. Until then we will have you in our hearts and minds. We survived the '94 earthquake, you'll get past this. Very Truly Yours, Dan & Randi

Written By: on from Watsonville, CA

Le Rich was one of the first hotels my wife and I ever stayed at back in the late 80's when we first started going out. We then stayed their again sometime later. Wonderful memories. We are heartbroken for you.

Written By: on from Half Moon Bay, CA

As frequent guests, my wife and I would like to express our heartfelt sorrow to your staff and the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of MS and AL. Given the spirit of the people of New Orleans, the city will return, better than ever. A special hell-o to Troy! Sam & Paula Robinson