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Nice site keep up the good work

Written By: on from Harrisburg, NC

I am so glad to see that your hotel survived Katrina. My boyfriend and I stayed at your hotel a few weeks before the storm and we both absolutely loved it. It was our first trip to New Orleans and we had such a wonderful time. The staff was absolutely terrific and very helpful. I am so happy to see that everyone is fine. I look forward to staying with you again.

Written By: on from Houston, TX

Hello Everyone! Had to read all entries to make sure everyone was ok. My mother, Ms. Clare, and my brother, Mike, are with me in Houston. They tried to remain in N.O. after the storm but decided to give up on 9/15. National Guard let us in to get them out. Ms. Clare is biting at the bullet to get back - she misses New Orleans so. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Grand "Re-opening Party" of The LeRichileu.

Written By: on from Denver, CO

Having weathered the storm in our favorite hotel with much of the staff, we sincerely send out our thoughts and prayers to the hotel family and let the staff who stayed and kept everyone's head level (you know who you are)know that they are loved and appreciated. Long live Le Richilieu and New Orleans!!!

Written By: on from Montgomery, NY

To my favorite hotel in New Orleans: I hope you and your families are all safe and well. I have no doubt that the spirit of New Orleans will once again rise and celebrate, and I hope we can be there to share in it's rebirth!