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I had a really nice conversation with Colleen the day before yesterday. She has been in hospital for awhile (nothing serious); but is feeling great and is getting out and moving in with a friend in Florida; until she finds out more about what's happening at the hotel. Anyway Colleen is doing great! Still no word at all on Michael I see.

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By the way, has anyone heard from Tamra? I noticed she hasn't posted in the last few days and she did not return my e-mails. Hope she's doing well.

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I hope all is going as well as can be expected, things being as they are, and soon you will have power and water! I pray "Rita" stays far,far, away. I think of you often and think of my plans to be there 10/16/05 and if there is ANY chance that might still be possible. I love New Orleans and it feels more like home than where I live. Infact, I planned to retire there in about 5 years. Take care all of you at Le Richelieu. We are thinking about you here in Oklahoma City ( we have that whole bombing, tornado legacy you know )and hope all ya'll make it through this mess.

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Hi, to the Krewe of Richelieu and all of our loyal guests. Hope you're all well. Can't wait to see you soon back at the hotel. We're still in Houston, nice place to visit, but.....I miss New Orleans. Anyway, our Guest Book has a become a treasured link to home for me. Ready to go back, clean things up and adapt to our changed city. Re: Annie, I called all the Jimmie and J. Mckenzies (I think this is how she spells her last name) in BR with no luck. I suspect her brother's first name is not James. Best to all.

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I am so glad my favorite hotel in my fsvorite city has survived that horrible hurricane. Le Richelieu and it's amazing staff was the first thing I thought about when this tragedy hit. I will be back as soon as you're up and running again. Tell Troy I can't wait to see him next trip! God Bless.