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Written By: on from New Orleans, LA

It was wonderful to discover today this great source of positive information regarding so many friends from the LeRichelieu. You have all been on my mind since the last time I drove by the hotel on my way to evacuating. I made my way to California first and then back to Puerto Rico without any real issues. Reports on my condo are good and I will be back as soon as allowed. After reading all of the postings I'm still not sure if we have heard from Annie. Does anyone have info? My heart is warmed by all of your efforts to save the wonderful LeRichelieu and your ultimate safety! I look forward to our welcome back hugs! Take care, until we reunite in The Quarter, Dorothy

Written By: on from Jackson, Tn

Well, back on August 28th I was the 139th guest to sign the book. I was so worried about everyone. Seems like after seeing the book nearly double in entries - I was not the only one! We love you guys and are glad to hear good news from most. I travel to New Orleans every June with dn english and 12 other girlfriends. We will be back! You guys are still in our thoughts and prayers along with your fine city. Peace

Written By: on from Biloxi, MS

We are okay. I am glad to hear everyone survived the hurricane. The Beau Rivage should be open before New Years. We will be at the LeRichelieu for the new grand opening. Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Written By: on from New York, NY

Like the rest of the world, i have been watching events in New Orleans for the past 2+ weeks. I am glad to read that Le Richelieu weathered the storm (literally) and that everyone is OK. I have spoken to New Orleans residents who are in Baton Rouge and they have kept me in the loop. My thoughts and prayers for all at the hotel, and my wishes for a speedy reopening!

Written By: on from Broussard, LA

I found this on the www.katrinasafe.com website under the "Locate Person" tab: Lester Lasseigne; DOB: 2/9/1940; Pre-Disaster City: Chalmette LA; As of: 9/6/2005 11:27:02 AM @ Austin Convention Center. ~Sara