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I talked with Theron, Bobby and Frankie today - they are all doing well. Herman - I know Billy was still there when I left after the storm - he was talking about leaving with some neighbors - that was the last I heard - I am concerned about Lynn, Kellie (Lynn daughter) and Sandra - I did hear Lester was in a shelter in TX - I past the word on that Gene wanted him to call - email me with your daughters address or phone number - I would like to talk to you - tlyn@hotmail.com - take care Herman and thank you for everything - Love, Tamra

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Was looking forward to staying with you all again Oct 20th--guess that will have to wait. We hope you all did ok during the storm and all of New Orleans will be ok soon. New Orleans is like my other home since I went to Loyola in the mid 70's. Hope you all are doing ok. Best wishes Dee Lear Miami, FL

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Has anyone heard from Billy Bowling. My Dad would like to talk to him. Bye Debbie

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Dear Mr. Frank, I hope that you are well Sir. The Aerial photo of New Orleans shows no water at the Hotel site Thank God. My new baby was conceived there in the Honeymoon Suite. Her name is Julia, like the famous Beatles' song Sir. I am very sentimental about your Hotel. I plan to return as soon as I am able. Please tell me that the big picture of Mr. McCartney and kids did not suffer any damage. Please take care of yourself Sir. Your Loyal Guest, Mrs Shane Stanford Mobile, Alabama

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To all our friends at Le Richelieu: We are annual JazzFest attendees and have made Le Richelieu our home away from home. We love the congeniality of all the staff and it always feels like we're "coming home" when staying there. We were so sorry to hear of Katrina and the subsequent flooding. Please know that you are ALL in our thoughts and we are hoping that all the staff at LeRichelieu is safe. Let it be known: WE WILL BE BACK as soon as you're ready for us! Mary and Jim Brady Indian Head Park, IL