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Written By: on from Houston, Texas

Dearest Folks at my Lovely Le Richelieu, We are so glad that you weathered this terrible storm. My heart breaks for all the people affected by this tragedy. I cried when I sawf the unimagineable damage and ruin. That the Quater was spared is short of a miracle. My little sister lost a bet with me awhile back. I told her if I won, she'd have to take me to the Quarter and we would stay at LeRichelieu. I'm looking forward to collecting on that bet. The people of Houston are honored to extend our hearts and homes. All my love, Lea in Houston

Written By: on from Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

We spent a week at the Richelieu in 1994 and have always wondered when we would go back. Looks now like sooner than later. Your new city will have all the grace and charm of the old one plus hundreds of new parks and subdivisions to enjoy walking thru. God Bless all of you at the Richilieu and all of your families.

Written By: on from Metairie, LA

Just to let you know that I ran into Judy Labat at Walmart in Baton Rouge. She got out, but unfortunately like everyone else in St. Bernard she lost everything.

Written By: on from Foley, Alabama

We are so glad to hear everyone is OK. This is the ONLY place we stay when we are in the 1/4. We were married in Jackson Square last Nov. 1st. Almost rained out, the staff offered to set up for the ceremony in the lobby! Such sweet, caring people! We were coming to town to spend our anniversary this year. We are still planning to come, so we'll bring our own water if you'll leave a key under the mat! We can camp! I love this city more than my own. If they open it, we will come! PS, Tell Troy he can even throw me in the pool this time! (((hugs to all))) Michelle and Marty

Written By: on from Portland, Texas

Pam...if you read this,please get in touch with me. E-mail address is dflak@charter.net and phone is 713-301-1500. What can I do to help you??? Deana