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Written By: on from New York, NY

I wanted all posters to know that i did contact one of my dear friends at the hotel and you will be pleased to know that everyone got out safely. All of our friends, Danny, Pam, Tamara,, Gwen and Frank and others are doing well. All of our prayers were answered. Love, Charles

Written By: on from Bossier City, LA

Hope all of ya'll and your families made it through safely. It was good to read the comment in the paper about the Richlieu being one of the few spots of civility amidst the chaos. Thinking about ya'll, and hope to see everyone in the near future.

Written By: on from houston, tx

Carl called my dad and told him that Lester was rescued by boat and brought to the Super Dome. He should be in either the Astro Dome or the Reliant Center in Houston. We have not had any luck looking for people in either location. bye

Written By: on from Tampa Bay, FL

So happy to hear the staff is ok (hi Tamra!) and the hotel is still standing -- thanks to those who have updated here. We were married at the hotel in June of '96 and I've been desperately searching for news of the place we love and those affiliated with it. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of N'awlins!

Written By: on from Marion, Iowa

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at Le Richelieu as well as New Orleans and the Gulf coast.