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Written By: on from Douglass, TX

Hi Ya'll, it's Suzi again. Just wanted ya'll to know that the town in which I work will soon be educating some of the N.O. kids. We are welcoming them with open arms. However, my heart still breaks for what happened to your magnificent city. I pray for your city every day, and especially Le Richelieu. My husband & I have such a soft spot for your beautiful hotel since we were married there in 1989. I wish I could post at least 1 photo of our wedding at the hotel. I feel as though God will see ya'll through this, the Nation is praying for your recovery.

Written By: on from MN

We stayed at Le Richelieu 3 wonderful days 8/05 & just want to wish you the very best. Not sure of the damage in your area but we want to offer encouragement & assure you that you have a lot of friends around the country & world. You get her open . . . we'll come. Take care.

Written By: on from Washington

We stayed at your lovely hotel this time last year and throughly enjoyed staying there and visiting the city. Hope everyone at Le Richelieu is safe and we look forward to returning once everything is up and running again. Best wishes from the UK!

Written By: on from Georgetown, IN

Still haven't heard about several people: Mike, the waiter, Bryan the bartender, Miss Edna, and even Billy, who didn't work there but helped Mike wait tables. We continue our prayers for everyone. Lynsjag@aol.com

Written By: on from Chicago, IL

Still looking to hear on any of others and their families; Frank, Bryan, Troy, Jim, Colleen, Tasha, Lester, Pam and all the others who make Le Richelieu the precious little jewel it is. My heart goes out to all of you. Know that you are in my prayers.