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Written By: on from Houston, Tx

I talked to Toshia who worked the desk is doing well in Arkansas. She also told me that Linda who also worked the front desk is doing well. Kendal Banks is also somewhere is Texas. Tamra Muller from the office is also doing well. I will keep everyone updated has the new comes in. We would like to hear from anyone who knows about Frank, JoElda, Colleen, Bobby,& Mike. Bye

Written By: on from Houston, Tx

I just heard that Frank Rockfort is also in Houston.

Written By: on from Lafayette, LA

Frank, Lester, Herman, Colleen, Frank....et al......... Where are you all????? I'm hope you are all safe. If anyone of you guys need to get to Lafayette, please, PLEASE email or call....337--316-0165. Hartley

Written By: on from baltimore, MD

I finally took a peek at your site - and to see my favorite painting of the boat with the (I think It's a bear but it looks like my cat, so we prefer to think of it as a cat.)well, it just brought tears to my eyes. I hope to get back soon and see you all, my painting, and your wonderful city, back in force. I will continue to think of you all.

Written By: on from Indianapolis, IN

My wife and I have stayed at the Le Richelieu twice and had planned to be there last October. When we found out she was pregnant we decided to cancel. I regret that decision more than ever now. Love the hotel and the city of New Orleans and I know we will see ya'll again.