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Written By: on from Lincent (belgium)

We come from Belgium and were in New Orleans in July 2005 ( 2nd stay at your hotel ). We enjoyed our stay at the Richelieu and hope the hotel and all the staff are all right after the hurricane Katrina togive us the opportunity to come back very soon! We follow the news on CNN for 5 days and are with you in toughts.

Written By: on

We are safe in Baton Rouge. We are with family. We are all worried about everyone else. Jo EDla,Herman, Micheal, Lynn, Jim, Bryan, And everyone elese to many to name please e-mail me at jam2jj@yahoo.com. Lvoe ya'll all Gwen and Family

Written By: on from Vancouver (Canada)

We stayed at Le Richelieu with our two boys in June of 2002. We never forgot the warmth and kindness of the staff who made our trip memorable. You are the heart of what New Orleans really is. Wonderful, amazing people. Our prayers and thoughts have been with you ever since we heard about Katrina. Kitty and Tony Prophet

Written By: on from nevada city, ca

to our dearest joanne, colleen, herman michael lynn and everyone else that is part of le richelieu we are praying that EACH AND EVERYONE of ya'll is safe and sound. we got married in algiers nov. 5, 2004 and stayed with ya'll in the honeymoon suite so many times before(in sin) and are grateful we decided to get married then. we have photo's and will continue to pray. love, us

Written By: on from Douglass, TX

My husband & I got married at Le Richeleu in 1989 with our best friends in attendance. We have since been back 2 times, the last time with our son. We love New Orleans, & especially Le Richeleu. We both are praying for all of you. We still think that this is some awful nightmare & we will awaken soon, but unfortunately it isn't. We pray that everyone is ok & that the hotel did not sustain major damage/ looting. We pray that God will embrace ya'll, heal ya'll, & restore His peace to your city.