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Written By: on from nevada city, ca

to our dearest joanne, colleen, herman michael lynn and everyone else that is part of le richelieu we are praying that EACH AND EVERYONE of ya'll is safe and sound. we got married in algiers nov. 5, 2004 and stayed with ya'll in the honeymoon suite so many times before(in sin) and are grateful we decided to get married then. we have photo's and will continue to pray. love, us

Written By: on from Douglass, TX

My husband & I got married at Le Richeleu in 1989 with our best friends in attendance. We have since been back 2 times, the last time with our son. We love New Orleans, & especially Le Richeleu. We both are praying for all of you. We still think that this is some awful nightmare & we will awaken soon, but unfortunately it isn't. We pray that everyone is ok & that the hotel did not sustain major damage/ looting. We pray that God will embrace ya'll, heal ya'll, & restore His peace to your city.

Written By: on from MA

To everyone at Le Rich, your families and loved ones, another message of thoughts being with you and everyone affected by this disaster. Be safe and heal well. Words cannot express how deeply we all feel for everyone in your city. Know that you are thought of by many.

Written By: on from Ocala, FL

My wife and I spent a week in your beautiful hotel two years ago. You all set the mood and tone for a most wonderful and magical experience in New Orleans. We wish you all comfort and safety in this tragic time. Words cannot express the concern and heartbreak we feel for you. Please keep your faith and determination. How ever long it takes we will visit you again.

Written By: on from Houston, TX

We stayed at le Richelieu on our honeymoon on Valentine's Day, 1974. We are still together after all these years! The Richelieu was wonderful and we hope and pray that the entire French Quartier as well as all of the wonderful city of New Orleans recovers fully. Our spirits are with you all!!!!