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Written By: on from Belgrade (Serbia)

My husband and I have spent 10 unforgettable days in Le Richelieu at the end of 90's. The impeccable service and hospitality, warm people and personal touch. I still treasure the small gift I received from the Hotel Manager of those days Ms. Joanna Kirckpatrick. To Joanna and all the others, we hope and wish you are all safe and well and that there was not serious damage made to hotel.

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Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are thinking of our favorite hotel, "Le Rich" and its wonderful staff during this time. The last time we visited was in the summer of 2004. We will never forget how kind everyone was to us , especially when our 8 year old came down with ear infections in both ears during our stay! We pray that you have weathered the storm well--but the scary pictures we see on the news suggest otherwise. Hope you will put an update on your site to let us know how you all are doing when things get a little closer to "normal." Blessings!

Written By: on from San Francisco, CA

While our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in our favorite city during this very trying time, my husband and I are especially concerned about the well-being of the wonderful folks at our all-time favorite hotel, Le Richelieu. We hope you are all safe and well. Please post an update on your website; we all want to know how you and the hotel are doing. Bless you all! Daniel and Marion McVanner

Written By: on from Portland, Texas

Pam and everyone...Deana here. Just worried about all of my friends from the Richelieu. Please e-mail me at dflak@charter.net once any of you can read this. I will be over to help in the clean up as soon as I can get into New Orleans. Soon...Deana

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hey guys. When you can, email me. You are in my thoughts constantly. If anything is needed, let me know.