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Thanks for the very nice stay in your hotel! Homepage

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My husband and I stayed at your hotel a couple of weeks ago. It was our second time staying here. Several members of the staff remebered us from a year ago. We had a great time! We will definitely be back. The service and the staff are great. I enjoyed meeting Linda.

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Well just a week ago my wife Ala and I returned from our vacation at Le Richelieu Hotel. Oops! Maybe I should have said New Orleans; but the vacation would not be a vacation without staying at Le Richelieu. Frank, Joan, Colleen, Michael, Troy and of course the Big Man.......Herman all make our vacation the very best. From Maxine's fried chicken to Herman's ... Mary's also fills out the whole experience. Close to the French Market and a nice quiet hotel for sleeping is what we need. I truly wouldn't stay anywhere else on our vacation.

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That should read "Herman's ... Marys

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Well.......I guess the guest book won't let me say the word of the drink that includes vodka and tomato juice. Sorry about that.