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Written By: on from St. Paul, Minnesota

We stayed at Le Richelieu over Christmas. Every thing about this hotel was great! I wouldn't stay anywhere else in the French Quarter!

Written By: on from New York, NY

Here it is, Fat Tuesday...six years to the day since my last (and 15th) visit. Not a day(especially Mardi Gras Day) goes by without my thinking of, and missing the wonderful folks and beautiful hotel - Le Richelieu!

Written By: on from BR, LA

I just got back from a weekend trip with some friends from tucson,AZ and we loved it! I have stayed in different hotels in NOLA but never one of these cute traditional hotels. I was VERY impressed. My friends had made reservations at another hotel and last minute switched to LeRichelieu because the ther hotel wasn't to nice. We enjoyed ourselves greatly! THANKS!!! I will be back and so will they and their family!

Written By: on from Medina, OH

Five weeks from TOMORROW we'll be staying for the first time at LeRichelieu. This will be our 12th trip to New Orleans and the first time we've ever stayed at this end of the Quarter, so we're very excited. If the telephone experience in making the reservation was any indication, this is a fine little hotel with lots of personality. I'll post again after we get home.

Written By: on from Sulphur, LA

Stephanie and I visited Le Richelieu for the second time, a few weeks ago, and this time we brought two other couples with us for their first visit. The hotel and the staff were everything we had come to expect from our first visit. When we arrived at our rooms, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Joanne had upgraded all three rooms to suites. We were truly living in the lap of luxury . Everyone on the staff, including: Tasha and Lora at the front desk, the waiters in the restaurant, the bartender (who we pegged as a local the instant he said something), and the guy who walked around with the large brass ring with the single key around his neck. The key man got a kick out of our "race" in the bar, and I had to promise him that we'll do it again on our next visit. I'm sorry I didn't get his name or the name of the bartender, but I'll do better on our next trip. Le Richelieu has become our hotel of choice in the French Quarter. We're already looking forward to our next stay there.