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Written By: on from San Jose, California

I was thoroughly impressed with the service, hospitality and knowledge of your hotel's staff. I am very glad we chose to stay at Le Richelieu and will continue to do so on each trip back to New Orleans. The affordability, combined with the location and friendliness of the staff makes it one of the best hotel experiences I have ever had. Thank you to all who made our stay so enjoyable. We will tell others traveling your way about Le Richelieu. Again, thank you for a wonderful experience.

Written By: on from Lanesboro, MA

The Richelieu has to be one of New Orleans' best-kept secrets! Old style comfort, really helpful staff, very clean & well-maintained rooms & facilities, nice quiet neighborhood but just a couple blocks from great sights and restaurants. And the big parking area, guarded and off the street. A great bargain and a really nice place to stay. We could not have done better on our recent trip to New Orleans!

Written By: on from Longview,Texas

I'm a corporate executive with limited leisure travel time.A few times a year I can head to New Orleans for a long weekend to enjoy the food and atmosphere.The folks at the Le Richelieu ALWAYS make me feel as though I've arrived at a family home instead of just a hotel.The property has that special character that you will never find at large corporate owned hotels.The attention given to me by the staff is something that is sorely lacking at other properties I've stayed at.All of the rooms are great;but the VIP suite with the sauna is my favorite.

Written By: on from Reno, NV

After long visits to New Orleans in May '05 and May '06, we missed our visit this year due to my retirement and relocation from the S.F. Bay area to Reno. However, we are trying our darndest to make up for it with a long visit in September. We look forward to being back at Le Richelieu with your wonderful staff. Until Sept.

Written By: on from KY

Hello LeRichelieu. Just wanted to let you all know how much you are missed in this part of the world. I hope to come visit soon.