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Has anyone heard form Joanne K and fam? Concerned in New Port Richey,

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Yes Rita....I spoke briefly with Joanne and she is doing well in Texas with relatives. She may be jumping to another state to join other family members soon; but she is well. My good friend Herman is safe in Texas with his daughter and brought some folks with him; including his two dogs. Herman really cares about everyone. His daughter Debbie and her husband David welcomed them all. Goes to show you that both generations are very caring people. I read the piece on Jim. He was the last one I spoke to; before Katrina hit. I hope those folks get out, mainly because of those toxic waters. Lastly.....it appears that Michael and Bobby are the only two not heard from. Does anyone know anything about them? Does anyone know if they went home before; or after the storm? What about Billy who was helping Herman and getting ready to move when we saw him.

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Mike has family in Baton Rouge - I think he left - there are still people at the hotel - Melvin, Glen, Mark, Larry and Max were still there the last I heard - however I know they will getting out soon - the police and military are going in and removing everyone - as far as Bobbie - I havent heard a thing about him - we all pray for everyone to be safe

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I saw Billy on Tues after the storm.

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God's blessings to all of you from a couple more members of the LeRichelieu's extended faimily. We have been checking the "Guest Book" all week, ever since our friend in Pheonix, The Red Head, discovered it had morphed in to a blog. Reading the notes from all of you just grounds our hopes to be with you for a long weekend visit when the snow is blowing here in Chicago. Colleen, so glad to read you are okay! What about Chef Eddie? If he is working The City Of New Orleans, have him call when he gets to Chicago. Roy's cell is 312 860 6709. We want to help! Roy and Susana p.s.Say a prayer for Terry Cos. He's at Northwestern Hosp. undergoing new chemo.