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Written By: on from Toronto, ON (Canada)

I was fortunate enough to talk to Herman the other evening and I can't tell you how happy we are he is safe. I probably spend more time with Herman than anyone else. He has a loving daughter and family. He let me know about Carl and thank God Coleen is now doing OK. Spoke to Joanne on Sunday and she is also doing well. The term "doing well" seems odd under the circumstances; but it is a lot better than the alternative.

Written By: on

Has anyone yet heard of anything about Mike or Bobby?

Written By: on from Sweeny, Texas

Just a note to let you know the "Richelieu Family" is in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, all the staff and hotel has remained safe in this very trying and tragic time. God bless and keep you all. Don & Doni

Written By: on from New York, NY

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the Big Easy and the staff of Le Richelieu.

Written By: on from Houston, TX

I can't stop thinking about all you wonderful people who have worked for so long at Le Richelieu, and wondering how you are doing in the aftermath of Katrina. My husband and I hope to see each of you as usual during Jazz Fest in the spring.