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Hi, we (Clay, Daddy, Gail, Gregg, Shawn & Michael, me & 4 dogs)are in Houston. Glad to hear about my co-workers/friends. Talked to Tamra, Amii & Jo. Love to all.

Written By: on from Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)

Our first thoughts are with all of you at Le Richelieu with hope that all are well. We were down in April with a group from the Lancaster Jazz Club. Both John's and my first visit to your beautiful city and Hotel. We enjoyed every minute and look forward to visiting again. With hope you will all be back soon safe and sound. Eunice & John

Written By: on from Houston, Tx

Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that my dad Herman Pineda the Bartender is in Houston with us. I cannot tell you how touched I am for all messages of concern. Please let us know how everyone is. I grew up at the Le Richelieu with my dad and I am really worried about everyone. Also Laura Brady and her family are also here with us.

Written By: on from Fts Smith, AR

This is Cassie from Arkansas. We just wanted to let you guys know we are thinking about you and have been trying to find information for the past few days, and we never even thought to check the website. haha. We love you guys so much and we hope to be back at the hotel as soon as possible. We hope you guys are doing well and everyone is safe. We'd love to hear from anyone down there. My e-mail is cstrahin@sbcglobal.net. We know Carl is safe in Natchez. I just read Herman is in Houston. We were wondering if anyone knew about Mrs. Claire. As I said we are thinking and praying for you guys! Love from Fort Smith AR Tim, Bonnie, Renee, and Cassie

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We stayed with you in Feb 05 for my birthday and Mardi Gras.. thoughts are with you from Coventry UK at this time, hoping this message finds you all safe and well.