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Written By: on from Bronx, NY

Dear Joanne Kirkpatrick, We are praying for your safety and health. It is a disgrace that the help is coming after the fact. I watch daily and cry for your lovely city. The Richelieu is such a beautiful hotel, I hope to see it again. Love, Eva Sanjurjo-Morales

Written By: on from Boone, NC

Great news about Herman and Joanne. Hoping to hear good news about Bryan, Bobby, Troy, Jim, Colleen and all the others. We feel so awful. We will return to our favorite hotel in our favorite town as soon as visitors can return. God Bless You All!

Written By: on from Fords, NJ

We vacationed last year in New Orleans, staying at your hotel. Please know you are all in our prayers and thoughts at this difficult time. Our hearts go out to you and all the people of New Orleans. God Bless. Howard and Mary Ellen Sabo

Written By: on from Fort Myers, Florida

My husband and I spent a week with y'all only two weeks ago. It was our first time to New Orleans and we loved it. The staff at the LeRichelieu was awesome. Our thoughts and prayers are for each and every one of you and the citizens of New Orleans. Please let us know if you need any assistance in the coming days. We cannot wait to return to your city and visit the LeRichelieu again as soon as you are able to receive guests we will be there. New Orleans is such a vibrant, live city and we look forward to returning. Be well and we know that we'll see y'all soon.

Written By: on from Bradenton, FL

We stayed in your fine Hotel in March of 2004 and we both have hoped for the best for all your staff and the Hotel, that you have all survived the tragedy that has struck your city. We look forward to be able to return to your gracious hospitality as soon as the area is restored. Our prayers are with you all.