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Written By: on from Denver, CO

Having weathered the storm in our favorite hotel with much of the staff, we sincerely send out our thoughts and prayers to the hotel family and let the staff who stayed and kept everyone's head level (you know who you are)know that they are loved and appreciated. Long live Le Richilieu and New Orleans!!!

Written By: on from Montgomery, NY

To my favorite hotel in New Orleans: I hope you and your families are all safe and well. I have no doubt that the spirit of New Orleans will once again rise and celebrate, and I hope we can be there to share in it's rebirth!

Written By: on from Birmingham

My two sisters and I stayed with you in late May this year and were overwhelmed by everyones friendliness and hospitality, you made New Orleans an even more splendid place to visit. We have already had friends book to stay with you for 2006 Mardi Gras and hope that the hurricane has not ruined your beautiful hotel. We pray that all your staff and their families are well and have not suffered too greatly.Good luck for the future and we hope to visit you again soon.

Written By: on from Waynesville, NC

I just wanted to let everyone know that Linda is with me and my husband in NC. She is fine and so is her family. She might be staying In NC until she is able to come back home. We have enjoyed having her with us so much, I just hate the circumstances for everyone. We hope and pray everyone is well and safe! As soon as N.O. is ready we will be coming back to visit our 2nd home at Le Richelieu. We love all of you!

Written By: on

Praying for all those in the path of Hurricane Rita tonight. Special prayer to St. Jude for New Orleans who appear to have left Houston; because of Rita. God Bless you all. John & Ala