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Written By: on from New Orleans, La

Hi everone just wanted to say i spoke to Reni and he's O.K have'nt heard from Bryan,Troy or Ronald as for myself me and my family are O.K i'm in Katy,Tx.Thanks for the support that everyone's showing....Theron

Written By: on from Chicago, IL

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Le Richelieu "family" whom I know have been scattered throughout the US after Katrina rampaged New Orleans. Le Richelieu is such a quaint, fabulous hotel tucked away in the French Quarter. I first stayed there in 1990 and have been back many times. I saw the article about the hotel after the storm on the internet and also in the Chicago paper. I am hopeful everyone at this establishment is safe and sound. Please let me know what I can do to assist any of you and also what I can contribute to the revitalization of the hotel once the clean-up is finalized. I couldn't believe the destruction of one of the most colorful cities in the US.. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

Written By: on from Baltimore, MD

a guest in July of 2005...just want to add my name to the awesome list of well-wishers. It is obvious that the hotel staff are the heart and soul of the Le Richelieu.

Written By: on from NO, LA

I want to thank the Krewe that stayed at the hotel after the storm - I have talked to Amii, Carrie, Joelda, Jim, Gwen and Theron. I am very concerned with Lynn's where abouts. I am in Orlando, FL. Mark Patrick and I are safe. Mark was injured while working - that is why we left when we did - I had to get him to a hospital - we find out Friday when he will have surgery on his knee - I talked to Jim on the 6th day - he was still at the hotel - very scared and sad - it broke my heart - I was told then that Colleen did get out and Larry, Melvin, Mark, Glen, Max and Jim were the only people left. I hope and pray you guys are all ok. - God bless us all!

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Troy, Brian BB, Willie, Doretha, Cook, Ms Mary and their families did get out after the storm. There were some more - I can't remember everyone - take care all - rest assure we will be back - The Krewe will be better than ever. To: Carrie and Amii - thanks for listening - it meant the world to me - I love all of you.