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Written By: on from Georgetown, IN

Still haven't heard about several people: Mike, the waiter, Bryan the bartender, Miss Edna, and even Billy, who didn't work there but helped Mike wait tables. We continue our prayers for everyone. Lynsjag@aol.com

Written By: on from Chicago, IL

Still looking to hear on any of others and their families; Frank, Bryan, Troy, Jim, Colleen, Tasha, Lester, Pam and all the others who make Le Richelieu the precious little jewel it is. My heart goes out to all of you. Know that you are in my prayers.

Written By: on from Houston, Tx

I talked to Toshia who worked the desk is doing well in Arkansas. She also told me that Linda who also worked the front desk is doing well. Kendal Banks is also somewhere is Texas. Tamra Muller from the office is also doing well. I will keep everyone updated has the new comes in. We would like to hear from anyone who knows about Frank, JoElda, Colleen, Bobby,& Mike. Bye

Written By: on from Houston, Tx

I just heard that Frank Rockfort is also in Houston.

Written By: on from Lafayette, LA

Frank, Lester, Herman, Colleen, Frank....et al......... Where are you all????? I'm hope you are all safe. If anyone of you guys need to get to Lafayette, please, PLEASE email or call....337--316-0165. Hartley