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Written By: on from Watsonville, CA

Le Rich was one of the first hotels my wife and I ever stayed at back in the late 80's when we first started going out. We then stayed their again sometime later. Wonderful memories. We are heartbroken for you.

Written By: on from Half Moon Bay, CA

As frequent guests, my wife and I would like to express our heartfelt sorrow to your staff and the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of MS and AL. Given the spirit of the people of New Orleans, the city will return, better than ever. A special hell-o to Troy! Sam & Paula Robinson

Written By: on from Ft. Worth, Tx

Your hotel was where I stayed the only time I was able to make it to your great city. It will be a Halloween I will never forget. The hotel was the perfect atmosphere for the holiday. The staff was wonderful. You, your staff, and your whole city are in our thoughts. Thank you for being there.

Written By: on from Castro Valley, CA

My husband and I have stayed at your wonderful hotel three different times. It's always been such a joy to stay at "Le Rich". We were scheduled to be there this Sep. 11, '05 as well. We are so worried about all of your staff, the hotel, the beautiful city of NOLA and it's citizens. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Our hearts are breaking for one of our most favorite cities in the world. Please post an update on your site when you are able. God bless you!

Written By: on from Minneapolis, MN

We have been guests of the hotel most of our many visits to the beautiful city of New Orleans. My heart is broken as I see the devastation and loss you suffer---Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the people of New Orleans. Stay safe and be assured your many friends across the country will do whatever we can to help.